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sm badsha
Apr 12, 2022
In General Discussions
Will My Personal Auto Policy Cover Business Buy Email List Use? Your personal auto policy may provide some coverage for business uses of your vehicle. By the same token, your employees' personal auto policies may cover some business uses if they were using Buy Email List their personal vehicles for business errands. If the vehicle you are using is used primarily in business, your personal auto policy might not be enough to cover any losses. It will most likely not provide Buy Email List coverage for any vehicle titled and registered to a business. If you, or your employees, are driving personal Buy Email List vehicles for occasional business activities that are covered by your personal auto policies, it is important to have sufficient liability coverage to protect the business in the event of a serious auto Buy Email List accident. Many business people have a personal umbrella policy, covering claims that may result for damages personally caused to another. It is typical for an umbrella policy to exclude any claims while Buy Email List in the course and scope of doing business. What Vehicles Are Covered in a Business Buy Email List Auto Policy? The choice in business auto policies can vary, depending on the coverages offered by your insurance company. The BAP could apply only to one specific car, or could be extended to cover Buy Email List the insured's use of any automobile. Most states offer three general options for which vehicles Buy Email List could be covered under your policy.

sm badsha

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